Saturday, September 23, 2017

EA: Xbox Scorpio Comes At The Right Time With Madden NFL 18

EA-Studio Patrick Soderlund also talked about the upcoming Xbox: Project Scorpio at E3. The developments in the game industry are particularly drastic and the 6 TFLOPS of the Scorpio are just right. For illustration, he showed screenshots from the upcoming Madden NFL 18.

Electronic Arts' vice-chief and chief of the global studios Patrick Soderlund has also recently expressed his opinion on the Xbox: Project Scorpio at E3. At first he pointed to the future developments and changes in the games sector, which would be bigger in the coming years than in the past 45 years - a daring thesis.

According to Soderlund, innovative platforms are needed to enable these new developments. Accordingly, one would be very pleased to have received the first developer kit of the Xbox: Project Scorpio - which is known to bring 6 TFLOPS performance real 4K resolution to the screen.

During this lecture, Soderlund showed screenshots from the upcoming Madden NFL 18. What you see there, according to Soderlund, is only a taste for what the Frostbite engine can represent on the Scorpio. As a result, one could expect the "most detailed and high-resolution environments" you've ever seen on a console.

All this sounds in the first place after phrases from the marketing department EAs. What you see in the screen shots, is visually undoubtedly handsome, the past Madden offshoots but also looked without Scorpio very appealing. As Soderlund says, Scorpio is "a powerful platform that comes at the right time." However, what is now the pioneering developments that S?derlund sees on the horizon, can not yet be discovered in EAs this year's E3 lineup.

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